The Drive-in Church

The City of Orange is where the Crystal Cathedral got its start when they first started meeting in a local drive-in theater.  Today another Orange church had a drive-in experience (from the OC Register):
A woman suffered moderate injuries after she crashed her vehicle into a church Thursday morning, authorities said.

Police got a call shortly after 10 a.m. regarding a crash at the Heritage Christian Fellowship, 7436 E. Chapman Ave., near Newport Boulevard, authorities said.

Officers found a Toyota Camry driven by a woman crashed through a glass door and window, Orange police Sgt. Dan Adams said.
Turns out there really isn't room in the sanctuary for parking, so next week they'll have to leave their cars outside like usual.

If the church doesn't own that building they'll find out how good their liability coverage is, especially if the driver's insurance is insufficient.  Many policies for tenants exclude coverage for the building they're renting.