Triumph of the Federation Flagship-class Cruiser

Federation Vice Admiral Green Armadillo has hit Star Trek Online's level cap, rank 50.  With this comes the right to finally pilot the birthday present that lured me into the game for the anniversary week in the first place - Odyssey Class Cruiser.  This ship is the model of the year 2409's USS Enterprise-F, and the ship looks the part with the traditional saucer and two warp nacelles sticking off the back. 

There are fancier versions available in the cash shop - science, tactical, and engineering variants at $25 each or $50 for the set of three, with a bonus set of consoles for those who want the bundle.  While I suppose that special perks, like the ability to separate the saucer section or launch fighter minipets are amusing, nothing seems that deficient about the baseline model.  It's a cruiser, which is the ship class I wanted to fly anyway, it has a highly flexible officer layout with a Universal Lieutenant Commander slot, and it even has an special ability doubling the time players can spend in "slipstream drive", a sprint feature used to travel more quickly across the non-combat sector map.

I've been naming my ships PVD-1 through PVD-5, but I decided on a whim - since perhaps this ship will be with me for a while - to give this one a more proper name.  So was christened the USS Faydwer, NCC-190312 (i.e. 19 March 2012).  Time will tell what tales lie ahead for the ship and her crew.