Legacy Chapter 3

My trooper, newly renamed from "Aldebaran" to "Aldabaran" due to the server transfers, hit another milestone this afternoon while I was babysitting the dog and some house painters.  I powered through the Corellia class quests in one sitting,  completing the third and final Chapter of the Trooper class story.  I started the afternoon as a freshly dinged level 47, and ended with a 95% full exp bar... toward level 48.  This means that I "need" to scrape together just over two more levels' worth of exp using the non-story quests I skipped, possibly the Hoth Bonus series, and the abridged storyline on Ilum. 

I airquote need because I don't actually feel any especially pressing need to hit the level cap.  I already have all five companion legacy unlocks (3 are maxed for extra crafting bonuses and the other two are close).  With the class story complete, I have my legacy ability unlocked.  I hit legacy level 5 and paid for the human racial legacy bonus because it is a decent bonus to solo play but I'd rather give up half a million credits than wait out 50 levels as a human to obtain it.  The one bonus I would obtain for getting this character to 50 is the racial unlock for Cyborgs, which opens up the race for all classes.  However, I don't really plan on doing another Cyborg in the near future. 

As a solo player, the biggest argument I have for sticking it out on this character is probably that it's easier to earn credits at higher level, which can be used to pay for gifts for companions on my new alts.  Somehow, this seems less pressing than experiencing a whole new story - or seven.